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Why The Metro Vancouver Is Choosing Us Again & Again?

You’ll Save At Least 30%, Guaranteed*

Environmentally Friendly. Be An Earth Hero

Less Headache & Stress for You & Any Customers. Quick In & Out

No Flames. Fire bad! No Tar Smell or Propane On Your Roof

* If Using Our Inland Coatings Products. Compared to Torching

97% of our customers love our work, price and professionalism.

“ 1000 Squares Roofing did a great job on our flat roof. We own a business that is very busy. We couldn’t afford to be down too long or the typical smells and issues with roof work. We’ve had standard roofs done before. They were quick and les expensive. Would recommend to anyone. ”

~ Mr. Chung

“ Very happy with their work. Our flat roof needed some work. We live in Vancouver on a tight street. So needed a quick job with minimal headaches. They came in and were out in a couple days. Amazing.. ”

~ Mike Stephenson

“ Our strata had a lot of roofing issues. Some condos were even leaking a bit. Had 3 roofers here and nothing was done. Troy and the guys came in, fixed the leaks and then came back a month or so later to put up a new roof. We appreciated that no heat or flame was used for our insurance and residents. Great job. ”

~ Andrea Sandoza

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